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Having been specifically mandated by your profession, Sogemec’s team of consultants acts in your best interests, with complete integrity.

Our expert partners are not a team with a sales objective within a sales organization, they see you as a professional with a demanding lifestyle, deserving of the best protections available!

Financial security advisors

Anna Cistera
  • Financial Security Advisor
Contact me 514-350-3312
Joël Fortin
B.A.A, A.V.C.
  • Senior Advisor
  • Business Development
  • Financial Security Advisor
Contact me 418-654-3638
Yves Martel
  • Financial Security Advisor
  • Group Insurance Plan Advisor
Contact me 418-654-1015
Nora Zeghoum
B.Sc.A., Pl. Fin.
  • Financial Security Advisor
  • Group Insurance Plan Advisor
  • Financial Planner
Contact me 514-350-3311