You are young. Your sources of income are minimal, if not non-existent. Your studies eat up your life so much, who has time to think about insurance. And anyway, do you really need it?

  • Life insurance
    Life insurance
  • Disability Insurance
    Disability Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
    Illness Insurance

Surprisingly, yes! You are starting on a long journey that will lead you to a new status: self-employed. You will be your own boss and you will not have access to group insurance coverage from an employer. It is therefore important to protect your insurability now while you are young and healthy.

By acting without delay, you make sure you have the right disability coverage to transition to your start of practice (finally!).

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Living and studying with assurance

Serving doctors and future doctors like you, we offer all the insurance protection a career professional is looking for. Take advantage of our objective advice and access to all the products of the best insurers, to help you make the right insurance decisions.

The Sogemec Assurances team

Dynamic and no-nonsense insurance advisors who understand the needs of young professionals like you? They do exist! Don’t hesitate to call them to talk about your life, your challenges and your needs.

Méziane Larab
Méziane Larab
M. Sc. Fin.
  • Business Development Director
  • Young Professionals segment
  • Financial security advisor
  • Group Insurance Advisor
Contact me 514-350-3314
Jessica Smedo
Jessica Smedo
  • Financial Security Advisor
  • Group Insurance Plan Advisor
  • Young Professionals segment
Contact me 514-350-5031
Alexandre Lemay
  • Financial advisor
  • Young Professionals segment
Contact me 418-686-3357
Mélissa Cloutier
Mélissa Cloutier
  • Financial Security Advisor
  • Young Professionals segment
Contact me 514-350-6366

Coverages created for your needs as a student:

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"Enjoying a strong partnership since 2004, the FMEQ is pleased to be associated with Sogemec Assurances. Sogemec Assurances is more than professionals who provide insurance products, it is a partner in financial education allowing you to establish solid foundations for your future practice. While we learn to take care of others, they are there to take care of us."

Fédération médicale étudiante du Québec

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