We’re proud to have the FMOQ as a shareholder of Sogemec Assurances and to be part of the FMOQ family, putting our insurance consulting expertise to work for FMOQ members.

The assurance of great expertise

You’re a busy professional pressed for time, and we understand that. Relying on Sogemec Assurances’ experts means benefiting from quick and easy handling of your insurance needs. Our advisors can give you access to the best products on the market and take care of everything for you.

With Sogemec Assurances, meet all your needs by doing business with a firm specializing in financial security. It’s your turn for a professional consultation? Ask us for advice.

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We serve and support doctors like you, and we offer all the insurance coverage a career professional is looking for, including life, disability, medical and dental care, auto, home, business and more! Take advantage of our exclusive products and rates negotiated with the best insurers, supported by expert advice so that you may make the best decisions for yourself, your practice and your family.

Do you need personal insurance?

Our advisors can also suggest individual insurance products offered by all insurers on the market. Find out more!


All the products under one roof

In partnership with your Federation, we have created a range of personalized products to protect you, at work and in life.

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Quick, direct and practical! Access all our forms and brochures in one place.

Did you know that your Federation is a shareholder of Sogemec Assurances?

«The Fédération's decision to become a shareholder in Sogemec Assurances stems from its desire to offer competitive, high-quality insurance products that are particularly well adapted to the realities of family doctors and their families. Our members will benefit from cutting-edge products and services, created for doctors and by doctors.»

Dr Marc-André Amyot

— Dr Marc-André Amyot
President of FMOQ