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Any cyber threat is an untenable risk factor for any physician

More than ever, cyber risks or cyber threats are making headlines and for good reason! These IT security risks are multiple and as difficult to avoid on a daily basis as to overcome in the long term: phishing emails, viruses and malware lurk at every turn. Cybercriminals can exploit a loophole to gain access to your information and that of your patients. In a medical context, the risk is untenable. As soon as your practice uses the Internet in the course of your activities, the reality is that you’re already living with such risks.

Why insure against cyber risks?

For a medical practice, any security breach has potentially catastrophic consequences. You may suffer significant financial losses, see your activities completely disrupted and lose the aura of security essential to the medical profession. Despite all the cybersecurity tools available to companies, current events show that the risk still exists. Hence the importance of insurance coverage to limit your losses and the impact of a cybercriminal act on your patients.

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CYBERUN – Your ally in the event of a computer attack

 Imagine this scenario: Your practice is the victim of a hacker who infects the computer system using a computer virus. This virus makes it impossible for doctors to access patient records, in addition to partially erasing certain data. This attack also affects all the activities of the clinic, which is no longer able to confirm or make appointments with patients.

In such a case, the Cyberun guarantee helps you ensure the continuity of your activities if you suffer financial losses following a computer attack. Such an attack can disrupt the operation of your business by causing damage to your data, operating systems and software.

This coverage will cover, among other things:

  • Support services offered by companies with expertise in the field of information and communications technologies
  • Cost of replacing lost or corrupted data
  • Costs for restoring systems or reinstalling computer programs and removing any malicious code
  • Operating losses and additional costs incurred during the period when the recovery of data and computer systems will take place

We help you restore your identity

Unfortunately, as a practice owner, you can also be a victim of identity theft. Identity theft is the fraudulent use of personal identification information that may be used to commit criminal acts, illegally establish credit accounts, secure loans or enter into contracts.

For example, let’s say that a few months after losing your wallet during a trip to Toronto, you were denied a credit application for reasons that do not correspond to the health of your financial situation. With the identity restoration guarantee, benefits include among other things:

  • Telephone assistance service
  • The assistance of a professional in identity restoration who will guide you through all the stages of the process
  • Reimbursement of certain fees (e.g. fees related to credit agency reports)

Q&A: Cyber attack

What’s a cyber attack?

It is a computer attack perpetrated by a cybercriminal and which can greatly affect the functioning of your practice in various ways: computer damage, blocked access to data, operating systems failure, software problems, etc.

What forms can such an attack take?

Concretely, such an attack can look like this: during an update of the software used by your clinic, the person in charge of your computer systems notifies you that an anomaly in the system reveals an unauthorized remote access to patient files. The name, address, date of birth and health insurance number were consulted and most likely copied. You are exposed.

The risks are diverse and arise as much if your website experiences a security failure or if a laptop is lost or stolen. They include:

  • Theft of a document containing information
  • Hacking
  • Accidental disclosure of personal information

Why cyber risk insurance?

It intervenes whenever confidential patient data is lost, stolen or inadvertently released. This can be their medical records, but also sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers, social insurance or health insurance. The risk of identity theft then becomes critical. As a doctor, you are under an obligation more than almost any other profession to protect this personal data, hence the importance of cyber risk insurance.

How does cyber risk insurance protect me?

Since various guarantees are possible and conditions apply, it is better to talk about it with one of our advisors. Roughly speaking, such insurance could cover:

  • The cost of assessing the breach by an information technology professional
  • The use of a public relations firm to manage the impact on your patient and business relations
  • Fees related to your defence and certain damages in the event of a civil suit
  • The cost of restoring your data, equipment and software
  • Reimbursement of your operating losses during the period of computer “breakage,” etc.
  • Transmission of the information to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (provided for in the Data Breach Notification and Reporting Regulations)
  • Services offered to your affected patients, suppliers or employees including educational materials, telephone support, fraud alerts and identity theft case management, etc.

Did you know that...

Several viruses can make it impossible to access your computer system and can partially erase some data.

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