Disability Insurance

Protect your income against the unexpected.

Prevention matters to you? Good disability insurance is an indispensable tool in the event of illness or injury.

You already insure your home, vehicles and other valuables, so why not protect your income? When a health problem prevents you from working and you lose your income overnight, it is important to be able to rely on disability insurance designed specifically to cover all your needs. Disability insurance provides you with a monthly indemnity that is tax-free if you personally pay for your insurance plan. This valuable payment replaces your income and pays for your expenses. Now that is peace of mind!

The right advisor for the right coverage

Did you know that you should review your insurance coverage at every major stage of your life, so that it continues to match your current and future life goals? For example, your insurance coverage could be enough to cover the mortgage on your first home, in the event of a disaster. But if you decide to have a child, or two, or three, will it be enough to support them, pay for their education, etc.? What if you lose your source of income due to illness or accident ? You should think about that.

Generally, all you have to do is make a claim to the insurer by presenting a declaration of invalidity signed by (who else!) your own attending physician. But beware…the definitions of disability vary from one contract to another, and from one insurer to another.

This is why it’s better to do business with an advisor who can guide you and recommend the best product for you.

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Speak with an advisor

Other options may also be added depending on the product and the insurer. Because all doctors have different personal and professional realities, choosing the right coverage with the right options is essential.

Sogemec Assurances’ advisors are specialized to deal with health professionals like you and will be able to help you make your choice. They have access to every option on the market, whether it’s your exclusive association group plan or various individual insurance products. Moreover, they are not connected to any financial institution. So they work for you, with objectivity and integrity. 

Q&A: Identifying the best option

Choice of included or elective options

Waiting period: This is the waiting period that you cover at your own expense, often 90 days, before the insurer begins to indemnify you.

Payment term: Usually to age 65 or to age 70, if you opt for that option in the association group plan negotiated for you by your Federation.

Indexation: The rate of adjustment of all coverage according to the increase in the cost of living. This option is especially important for young professionals.

Own occupation: An option that requires the insurer to pay you the full amount if you cannot return to your main pre-disability duties, even if you’re able to practise another profession.

Annual increase options: An option of certain products that enables you to adjust your future coverage without having to undergo new medical tests. It is available during the same window each year.

Did you know that...

Through your Federation, you have access to disability insurance with unique protections:

  • Compensation payable until age 70 (this represents more than 60 months of benefits compared to other products on the market)
  • Own occupation protection

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«The Fédération's decision to become a shareholder in Sogemec Assurances stems from its desire to offer competitive, high-quality insurance products that are particularly well adapted to the realities of family doctors and their families. Our members will benefit from cutting-edge products and services, created for doctors and by doctors.»

Dr Marc-André Amyot

— Dr Marc-André Amyot
President of FMOQ