Commercial Insurance

Insure the longevity of your practice

Commercial insurance protects your clinic in the event of a disaster, theft, fire, water damage and more.

Your clinic is more than a workplace, it’s the investment of a lifetime. Protect your business, the crown jewel of your success, with commercial insurance products designed specifically for all types of contingencies. If your clinic is the victim of theft, disaster or other damage, what personalized coverages will come to the rescue?

You could also become suddenly disabled for an indefinite and uncontrollable period. Who will fulfill your financial and other obligations? For full coverage, ask us about office expense insurance and don’t let unwelcome surprises put you at risk of bankruptcy or the like.

Take advantage of business insurance created specifically for you by professionals who understand your business realities and needs: your own Federation!

We take care of your business

As the owner of a medical practice, your responsibilities are unique to your profession. Our coverages are too. Sogemec Assurances commercial insurance plans are adapted to your professional situation and can cover, among other things:

  • Warranty extensions for vaccines and medicines
  • Valuable documents and archives: basic coverage of $50,000 (or more upon request)
  • Portable equipment: $25,000 (without limitation per item)
  • Liability insurance
  • All-risk insurance with replacement cost
  • The actual loss of revenue from your business

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Did you know that...

While business insurance is not mandatory, it is essential to cover the risks faced by professionals like you. From fire, theft and other coverage to liability insurance, this coverage is a business owner's best friend and comes with options tailored to professionals like you.

An overhead expense insurance is recommended for any business professional or manager, especially if fixed operating costs are paid from your owner income. It is used to pay the salaries of quality employees you wish to retain as well as to cover your fixed costs in the event of disability, such as rent, utilities, property taxes, etc. It's essential coverage to ensure the survival of your business!

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Did you know that your Federation is a shareholder of Sogemec Assurances?

«The Fédération's decision to become a shareholder in Sogemec Assurances stems from its desire to offer competitive, high-quality insurance products that are particularly well adapted to the realities of family doctors and their families. Our members will benefit from cutting-edge products and services, created for doctors and by doctors.»

Dr Marc-André Amyot

— Dr Marc-André Amyot
President of FMOQ