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Having the right disability insurance to protect you can make all the difference

Soon, you will be a doctor working in the medical specialty you have chosen for yourself, among the 60 medical specialties throughout Quebec. You will also be self-employed, with the myriad of changes that entails…

To help you set up the insurance coverage that will ensure your continued financial security — and to facilitate your transition to self-employed status — you can count on the expertise and advice of Sogemec Assurances. Because we are not connected to any financial institution, we act strictly in your interest, with the integrity and transparency you expect from an advisor who works for you and only for you. You will deal with a single financial security advisor for ALL your needs.

As a resident, you are automatically covered by a group insurance policy under the current agreement between the Fédération des médecins résidents du Québec and the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux. This insurance will end at the same time as your residency.

That’s why your Federation has created, in partnership with Sogemec Assurances, an association group insurance contract that offers additional coverage to this collective agreement. You will be able to keep this insurance throughout your career.

In addition to your Federation’s offer, our advisors can show you the various insurance programs in the market created specifically for physicians, like those offered by RBC and Canada Life, each with its own advantages.

Our advisors will recommend the best offer for you. Their opinion is totally objective, since they are the only ones who can offer your Federation’s exclusive plan AS WELL AS products from other insurers.

Why shop around for insurance when you can have everything under one roof!

You wish to find out more? Ask us for advice.

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Sogemec Assurances’ advisors are specialized to deal with health professionals like you and will be able to help you make your choice. They have access to every option on the market, whether it’s your exclusive association group plan or various individual insurance products. Moreover, they are not connected to any financial institution. So they work for you, with objectivity and integrity.

Q&A: Everything to know about disability insurance

Why buy an insurance plan now?

The journey to becoming a doctor is long and arduous. By setting up disability insurance coverage now, while you are in good health, you ensure that you have coverage that will meet your needs when you start practising.

How do I identify the best option?

Disability insurance plans have options that are sometimes included and sometimes optional, but the main ones are:

Waiting period: This is the waiting period that you cover at your own expense, often 90 days, before the insurer begins to indemnify you.

Payment term: The period of payments covered by the insurer, which ends at the end of the disability (or at age 70 if you opt for the association group plan negotiated for you by your Federation).

Indexation: The rate of adjustment of all coverage according to the increase in the cost of living. This option is especially important for young professionals.

Own occupation: An option that requires the insurer to pay you the full amount if you cannot return to your main pre-disability duties, even if you’re able to practise another profession.

Annual increase options: An option of certain products that enables you to adjust your future coverage without having to undergo new medical tests. It is available during the same window each year.

Other options may also be added depending on the product and the insurer. Because all doctors have different personal and professional realities, choosing the right coverage with the right options is essential.

Did you know that...

Our team of advisors has access to all the insurance products for residents and physicians offered by RBC, Canada Life, etc. They can guide you in choosing the coverage that best suits your needs.

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"It’s now more than 20 years since the FMRQ reached an agreement with SOGEMEC Assurances for our members to have access to experts well informed about doctors’ financial needs, during residency or in practice. To ensure your financial security, with no obligation on your part, don’t wait until you’ve completed your training before calling on their professionals."

Dr Cédric Lacombe

Dr Cédric Lacombe
Fédération des médecins résidents du Québec

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