Critical Illness Insurance

No more financial worries during your recovery!

Strong coverage to take care of you unconditionally

As a physician, you know this better than anyone. But did you know that there is special coverage to help you cope? Our critical illness insurance provides a lump-sum benefit that, in the event of a serious illness, will provide you with valuable financial assistance to cover the costs associated with your illness. Finally, a certain peace of mind so that you can concentrate on the most important thing: your recovery!

The best part? By including a premium refund clause, this coverage becomes a financial asset.

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Do you want to be fully protected? Here are the options available to you:

Basic coverage

A lump sum is paid after a diagnosis of one of the illnesses covered by the insurance plan. The insured must survive a certain number of days according to the diagnosis to be eligible.

Illnesses covered

The illnesses provided for in the insurance contracts can vary between 3 and 30 illnesses, depending on the insurer. That said, three of them — strokes, heart attacks and cancer — account for more than 80% of claims.

Premium refund

Several options are available in the insurance contracts we offer. These can be a refund in the event of death or contract cancellation. Please note that a refund of premium is generally possible if the policyholder has not made any claims.

Q&A: How this coverage works

How to determine the amount of coverage

Recommended coverage will need to be assessed based on your circumstances, with annual salary generally serving as the unit of measure. Sometimes the insured will choose coverage according to the amount of premium they wish to pay.

Application process

Be aware that this coverage is granted after completion of a comprehensive medical questionnaire where family history has a significant impact on the financial parameters and contract exclusions.

Shared premium for serious illnesses

If you are incorporated, your company can subscribe to a critical illness insurance policy for you. You then become the owner, payer and beneficiary in the event of critical illness benefit payments. It is an attractive tool to diversify your fixed income.

Did you know that...

Illnesses included in insurance contracts can vary between 3 and 30 illnesses depending on the insurer.

However, three of them account for more than 80% of claims, i.e. stroke, heart attack and cancer.

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"It’s now more than 20 years since the FMRQ reached an agreement with SOGEMEC Assurances for our members to have access to experts well informed about doctors’ financial needs, during residency or in practice. To ensure your financial security, with no obligation on your part, don’t wait until you’ve completed your training before calling on their professionals."

Dr Cédric Lacombe

Dr Cédric Lacombe
Fédération des médecins résidents du Québec